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Black Diamond Pearls... A World of Difference

A couple of years ago, Custodiam launched an amazing novelty known as the Black Diamond Pearl.

Innovative by its shape and trendy by its colour, the Black Diamond Pearl has become a must among most fashionable jewellers.

By associating the exceptional shine of diamond and the mysterious black colour, the amazing Black Diamond Pearl is born.



Faceted pearls have been designed too…. A clever way to enhance their shine and perfect their nice round shape.

122 facets, twice as much as the brilliant cut which only counts 58 facets, reveal the black diamond glimmering beauty.

Black diamond pearls perfectly illustrate today’s luxury: elegance, sobriety and mystery…

The combination of classic white and glittering black diamonds creates a perfect contrast, dazzling everybody’s eyes.

Famous jewellers have already been inspired by these new possibilities, becoming true pioneers in the world of traditional jewellery.

Diamond Pearls are Forever…


  • Raw material: 100% diamond
  • Existing shapes: spherical, half-spherical
  • Number of facets: 122 facets
  • Colour: black
  • Carats: from 0.50 cts to 5 cts
  • Diameter: from 3.80 mm to 8.50mm
  • Specificity: can be drilled


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