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Custom-made diamonds

CUSTODIAM, as close partner of a major diamond tools manufacturer, has built up a true science of diamonds, enabling us to supply the most appropriate diamond type, perfectly matching any specific application.

Through sieving and sorting, synthetic diamond grits are selected according to their size and shape, already defining several distinct qualities.

Colour and magnetic measurements will provide additional information in order to describe the various diamond types.

Within our laboratory, a whole series of tests and analyses are also performed to better evaluate every quality level, such as toughness index (TI) and thermal toughness index (TTI) or fatigue resistance.

Our scanning electron microscope allows us to control the good tenue of diamond grits within the bond (as well as to evaluate its microstructure). Our know-how in metallography helps us to further analyse the structure of metal bond segments for instance, determining different components and proportions used, or any defect or flaw.

Synthetic diamonds can also be treated in order to be used for electroless plating applications.

Speaking of treatment, natural diamonds are mechanically rounded ( spinning) and chemically polished, after being sorted by size through Christensen sieves.

Polycrystalline products are also being controlled in view of establishing their quality:

  • PCD are submitted to a test shocks, set up within our laboratory, evaluating their resistance to shocks.
  • Whereas for TSP products, the test will estimate their wear resistance inside a planetary which will induce a wear phenomenon due to its rotating movement.


Custodiam… your scientific partner!


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