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Diamond Resin Bonds

The so-called "resin bond" diamond family has been developed for a wide range of grinding applications such as cemented carbides, carbide-steel combinations, advanced ceramics, PCD/PCBN, etc. Diamond "resin bond" exists in many different sizes from 50/60 down to 325/400 mesh, from well-defined blocky crystals to highly friable irregular ones. Such high friability allows for instance a self-sharpening of grinding wheels for extended tool life.


Due to their microfracturing structure, resin bond diamonds provide enhanced free cutting capabilities, as well as high precision grinding even for very demanding applications.

Resin bond diamond products present a specific crystalline structure, allowing them to achieve higher material removal rates in either wet or dry grinding, as well as excellent surface finishes.

Coated versions (nickel, copper,) are also produced, ensuring longer tool life, increasing productivity and better quality. Typically, coatings are aimed at extending crystal retention and removing heat from the grinding area.

Nickel coating, for instance, is recommended for use in phenolic resin bonds and polyimide bonding systems in order to increase diamond retention. Spiky nickel coating further improves such retention, while simultaneously enhancing material removal rates.

Copper coating increases retention of diamond crystals and heat removal.


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