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Natural Diamond

For decades now, natural diamonds have been playing a critical role in the world of superabrasive industry.
Being the hardest material known, natural diamonds have quickly become the ideal abrasive products available, creating better, more competitive and high precision products.

Natural industrial diamonds exist in a wide array of sizes, qualities and shapes, generating a great flexibility for tool manufacturers and offering to end-users suitable, or even "custom-made" products for any specific industrial application.

High quality natural diamonds offering blocky, well-shaped and sharp-edged crystals for excellent bonding and thermal stability will be reserved for sawing and drilling applications in hard materials such as stone, marble, hardened concrete, as well as grinding of glass, ceramics, or tungsten carbide.
A medium grade natural diamond, presenting some friable particles, will be most appropriate for sawing and drilling applications, but under less severe conditions and for softer materials such as limestone, sand stone, concrete.

Crushed natural diamond, so-called boart, is also typically used in marble sawing and various tools using electroplated bonds (eg. dental tools).


Mining, construction and oil exploration constitute several industrial sectors where natural diamonds still play an important role, diamond drill bits being manufactured using selected natural diamond stones.


" Natural cubes"

" Processed drills for hard drilling"

Processed natural diamonds refer to specially selected, processed and chemically treated in order to offer uniformity in shape and surface, optimizing abrasion and impact resistance. These ones will be highly recommended for all drilling applications where static load applied on tools is extreme.
Grinding wheels, rotary dressers, impregnated tools are being used in many types of engineering applications. The strength of natural crystals and the cutting and friability properties of natural diamond provide the characteristics required in many of these applications.

"Elongated rotary dressers"

"High quality processed crystals. Blocky and rounded shape"

Drawing wire is another application where natural diamond dies have kept their prominent position by offering highest quality with greatest productivity.

Natural diamond powders are also used to obtain ultra fine finishes and fine grinding. Stones will be further crushed down and sieved according to sizes, providing so many different grades to be linked to various situations.

Besides this, natural diamonds remain the best option for many other specialized applications, such as surgical procedures, manufacturing of fiber optic lines, ultra precision cutting tools, etc.



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